Top 15 Best Motivational/Workout Songs

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The best partner you can have while working out will be a great playlist. Yes! Music is the answer to everything. Working out is a very stressful thing which most do not enjoy but with some great beats, working out becomes bearable; in fact music even pumps you up to workout harder. The right songs will definitely motivate you to do better, so that you can let your body be what it has the capability to be. For your workouts top 15 best workout and motivational songs are listed below:

Hip Hop Songs

  1. Not Afraid by Eminem – Sang by the arguably the greatest rapper of all time Eminem, the song “Not Afraid” will definitely pump you and will give you the motivation you need to start your workout.
  2. DJ got us falling in Love again by Usher feat. Pitbull – When Usher and Pitbull reunited to make this song, you can very well expect it to be great. This sing is great during cardio.

Alternative Songs and DJs

  1. Night of the Hunter by Thirty seconds to Mars – Thirty seconds to Mars is such a band which is known for inspiring many with their edgy take on life, love, dreams and faith. If you need a push, this song will do it for you.
  2. Radioactive By Imagine Dragon – Take a moment to listen to the drum beats of this song and soon you will be pumped to start working out again.
  3. Club can’t handle me by David Guetta feat. Flo Rida – This OST of the movie “Step Up 3” is a perfect song to work on your core.
  4. Don’t you worry child by Swedish House Mafia – Inspiring and also a great beat to work out to. This has been a chartbuster for a long time.

Dance Jams

  1. Forever by Chris Brown – Doing the same workout can be tiresome and may get boring. But not when you have Chris Brown’s “Forever” on.
  2. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities – This song become a worldwide phenomenon soon after it was released and why won’t. The music , lyrics, feel; everything about this song is upbeat and lively
  3. Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars – There are few songs which captures the heart of everyone and makes everyone hit the dance floor as soon it is on.
  4. Hips Don’t Lie By Shakira – Everyone’s favourite Latin America singer, Shakira’s song Hips Don’t Lie makes a great workout song.

Inspiring Music

  1. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson – inspiring, upbeat and lively; all that you need for a great workout.
  2. Sure Fire Winner By Adam Lambert – If looking for a song to listen to while getting ready for a workout, this song will do the trick.
  3. Scream and Shout by feat Britney Spears – Get pumped out with this chartbuster.
  4. Incredible By Madonna – Get all the energy you need with this song and you can see that you can push more with this song on.
  5. Fireworks By Katy Perry – Looking for a positive vibe during your workout? Try this song and you will have a great workout session.

These are the top 15 workout and motivational song which you need to make a playlist of so that you can have an incredible workout session.

This post is written by Daniel Crieg, a fitness expert who writes for JackedGorilla.Com and many other popular online magazines. If you are interested in fitness, weight loss and endurance training, feel free to visit the website any time.